The Ducks Are Hot.

Tuesday's game against the Avs was, in one word, surprising. Who would have thought that the Ducks, who are 13th in the West, would score 4 goals in about 7 1/2 minutes? Not me. The first goal by scott Niedermayer opened up the game, even though it was very controversial. Many complained that Bobby Ryan "interfered" with Anderson, but honestly, I think that they somewhat deserved it. The Ducks had 43 shots throughout the game, dominating the Avalanches 17.

So now our Anaheim Ducks are 4 in the last 5, and many are considering that the Ducks may finally be turning this ship around. 

Offense: In the game against the Yotes last Saturday, the scoring was widely spread throughout the 4 lines. Sexton still continues to be hot, and now has 5 goals in 9 games. I'm not particularly liking the Calder-Getzlaf-Perry line, and last night when the Ryan-Getzlaf-Perry line was reunited it was magical. They have amazing chemistry, and can always provide offensively. It finally seems like Randy Carlyle has four lines that actually somewhat click.

Defense: Still probably the weak part of the lineup, but their progress is very obvious. I'm still a little shaky when Wiz has the puck, but he hasn't really majorly screwed up recently. Eminger continues to be a healthy scratch(as well as Artyukhin) so we'll have to wait until the trade freeze ends to see where that goes.

Goaltending: Both goalies are looking solid as of late. Yeah, there are some iffy goals let in by both Jiggy and Hiller, but compared to earlier this season, they look good. The constant arguments of which one gets traded are starting to get old. If both goalies come in and give the team a chance to win, then why are we even worrying about who gets moved? Why not just root for both of them and let the management staff deal with that?

Right now, the Ducks are 1 game above .500, so the season isn't yet saved. The Ducks need to continue playing with desperation and they need to continue winning.


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