Looking Back and Moving On


       Through 20 games this season, the Ducks have been very up and down. Mostly down. While there were some games that gave fans hope and promise, a majority of them have been embarassing.

      Compared to the first 10, these most recent games have been good. Not as sloppy, not as slow. Ryan Getzlaf seems to have his legs back and proves to be a great passer. Especially to the other team. How many times are you going to blindly throw the puck in front of your own net, and have it wind up on the tape of the opposing players stick, and eventually into the back of your teams goal?! I guess his NHL leading 22 assists sorta makes up for that..
      Corey Perry is still off to an amazing start with a 13 game point streak. He always seems to find the open guy, or the back of the net. Perry is definitely makin a good fight towards being on Team Canada next February.

      It seems like the rest of the big players are getting themselves going, so these next games at home are going to be vital to the teams sucess. The Ducks play San Jose, Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Some of those games are going to be difficult, but this will test the team and give us a look at the skill, effort, and determination of the players. If they dont reach around .500 by the end, they'll find themselves in a pretty deep hole.

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