Player Evaluation Time

After an amazing 3-0 win vs. the Chicago Blackhawks, It's time to briefly touch up on each of the players progress through the first 24 games.

1-Hiller: Came off a great post-season but seemed a little shaky in some of his appearances so far.

4-Boynton: Not bad, but not a standout player yet.

7-Eminger: In the same boat as Boynton. They can both probably be better, but they haven't been awful.

8-Selanne: Proving that age is just a number. He's showing that he's still got it. Always seems to be open for Koivu's passes.

9-Ryan: Off to a decent start, but a couple more goals would be nice.

10-Perry: Becoming a great defensive player on top of already being fantastic offensively.

11-Koivu: The chemistry between Teemu and himslef is starting to resurface.

13-Brown: Wonderful forechecker and skater. Always hussles and gives it his all. Seems to have some difficulty clearing the puck at times.

14-Lupul: In the first games he was in, he showed promise. When he returns from his injury, will there be a suitable place for him now that the second line is performing well?

15-Getzlaf: Amazing offensive and defensive center. Slow start goals-wise, but definitely showing his superstar passing abilities.

16-Parros: Always fun to watch a nice Parros fight.

17-Nokelainen: Seems to match well with Calder and Marchant. Getting more scoring chances recently.

19-Whitney: When he used to touch the puck, most Ducks fans would cringe 'cause he could not hold the blue line. But there's been definite improvement.

20-Carter: Mr. Bad Luck. Hit in the foot twice with a puck during pratices. He's probably in the same boat as Lupul. When he comes back, where would he fit in?

21-Brookbank: Not really all that noticable. Is that good or bad?

22-Marchant: Great hussle and effort every game. Glad to see he's getting the occasional goal.

24-Artyukhin: Huge and fast. He's getting some great chances now that he's on a line with the Fins.

27-Niedermayer: Always seems to succeed in overtime. Still probably one of the best defensive skaters out there.

32-Calder: Questionable when he was first brought up, but seems to be great with Noki.

34-Wisniewski: So far so good. Wicked shot, he should use it more though.

35-Giguere: Slowly returning to the amazing goalie he was. Looked great in the past three games.

60-Mikkelson: Showing great progress. But, he always seems to be on the ice when the ducks are scored against..

67-Sharp: Filled in well, but not quite ready for the big league yet.


Go Ducks!

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